Hanne Peeraer


Hanne Peeraer



personal research journal

3 BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting

Wimbledon College of Arts

University of the Arts London

Fine Art student living and working in London.

Mind equals anything that exists purely in one's thoughts, and body is what can be heard, smelled, touched, seen or tasted.

My work embodies this hypothesis through a combination of figuration and concept art; delicate installations and layers of translucency in different media show human beings occupying and interacting with the space around them - aiming to capture their material bodies as well as their past and futures, which exist only in the observer's mind.

Art challenges the monopoly of the established reality to determine what is “real,” and it does so by creating a fictitious world which is nevertheless “more real than reality itself.”

(H. Marcuse, The Aesthetic Dimension, p. 22)


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